Summary of Credit Management Cyber Days 2021 Conference by PZZW

Yesterday we wrapped up the two-day Credit Management Cyber Days Conference by PZZW "New Way! Business from the past works in the future - despite the plague....". We would like to thank you for your numerous participation, joint creation of the event and your openness to the new formula of the online event through the virtual congress center - AVATARLAND™. The innovative solution provided an impression, and as much as possible in the current time, real participation in the event, including moving without restrictions during the pandemic.

During these two days we listened to the speeches of distinguished guests - experts in their fields representing companies from the financial market, industry organizations, scientific institutes and government bodies. The conference was hosted by Mr. Cezary Wojtczak, journalist, manager, lecturer, expert in the field of widely understood communication. The content of CMCD 2021 was divided into four thematic blocks and 22 lectures covering issues related to the situation of entrepreneurs in the era of the pandemic, recent economic trends, debt recovery and obtaining sources of financing during the lockdown of the economy, the prospects of the financial industry for the coming years, or costs associated with business restrictions and the new reality. There were also guests from abroad who introduced the participants to the economic and social realities in Europe and Latin America.   

Guests had the opportunity to visit the stands of CMCD 2021 Partners and Patrons, and there exchange experiences with representatives of various industries and meet new business partners. The scope of integration and participation in the event was not closed only within the conference room and exhibition space. 

We congratulate the Speakers on their excellent presentations on equally interesting issues. Heartfelt thanks to the Moderator Mr. Cezary Wojtczak for leading us through the entire Conference and taking care of the proper course of the event. We would like to thank our Partners and Patrons who helped us make this meeting a reality in the virtual world and the whole AVATARLAND™ team for their commitment and organizational support.

Registration for Credit Management Cyber Days 2021 Conference has started!

Dear Sirs,

we open registration for the Credit Management Cyber Days Conference, organized by the Polish Credit Management Association, which will be held on 23-24 March 2021 using the Avatarland solution, a virtual exhibition and conference center. The innovative solution will provide the impression of real participation through direct interaction with the environment and other participants, both in private and public conference space, and free movement in an almost unlimited virtual world.

The price of participation in the event for one representative is 390 PLN net.

Registration link:  .

The event will include lectures related to the activities of entities in the financial and debt management market offering their services to both businesses and consumers. The discussion will focus in particular on current challenges facing entrepreneurs in the era of the pandemic, how they cope in Poland and other regions of the world and how they see a way out of the situation.

We invite you to participate in the event in its completely new version! We are convinced that it will also be a great opportunity to meet and exchange views, which we all miss already. The platform allows you to organize private meetings in circumstances similar to those in real conference spaces – which we encourage you to do.

Interview with Piotr Badowski, President of PZZW on

On February 22, Piotr Badowski, President of the Board of the Polish Credit Management Association, invited listeners of to participate in the upcoming Credit Management Cyber Days Conference. In addition to issues related to the substantive part of the event, the new solution of the virtual conference center, issues were raised about the situation of the credit management market in Poland, the effects of the pandemic for entrepreneurs, as well as the strategy of action for this difficult period.

The branch organization, like many entities on the market, has felt the economic lockdown, however, we look to the future with the awareness of the opportunity for development through new technologies, new directions and solutions in conducting business.

Registration for the events is underway and we invite you to join us at CMCD 2021 in a brand new format.

The first meeting of the Programme Comitee of the Conference Credit Management Cyber Days 2021 is behind us!

On February 2nd we had the pleasure to meet among the experts of the financial market and the great representatives of the scientific circles during the meeting of the Programme Comitee of the Conference Credit Management Cyber Days by PZZW.

The discussions concerned the use of a tool enabling full interactive participation in the event within the virtual world. There were a lot of discussions related to the concept of the Conference, areas of issues tailored to the audience of CMCD 2021 and potential topics of lectures given by experts from the area of finance, labour market and SME sector. This is just the beginning, but also an important step on the way to prepare the substantive side of the event.

We would like to thank all participants for their participation!