The Credit Management Cyber Days conference by PZZW, is a continuation of the initiative of the Polish Association of Credit Management, which in the era of changing market circumstances related to the pandemic, will take a completely new form of full interactive participation in the event by means of the Avatarland solution, a virtual fair and conference center.

The innovative solution will provide the sensation of real participation by directly interacting with the environment and other attendees in both private and public conference spaces, and moving freely in an almost unlimited virtual world.

The CMCD 2021 conference is a meeting of personalities from the world of science and business from Poland and abroad.The event will include talks by economic experts and market practitioners on the macroeconomic perspective, including economic changes caused or accelerated by the pandemic, as well as the perspective of entities offering their services to businesses and consumers. The discussion will focus in particular on current challenges faced by entrepreneurs asserting their claims and conducting professional debt collection activities in the era of the pandemic, how they cope in Poland and other regions of the world and how they see a way out of the situation. How did the epidemic affect the situation of entrepreneurs and their chances of survival in a changing market on the basis of conducted research and analysis?