Polish Credit Management Association

The Polish Credit Management Association was established in 2003 (under the name of the Polish Debt Collection Association) to represent and defend the interests of debt collection companies operating in Poland, entities dealing with debt trading, business intelligence and factoring.

At present, the Polish Credit Management Association associates over 70 entities operating throughout Poland. In addition to ordinary members who are representatives of the industry. PZZW also consociates supporting members not directly related to the industry.

The Management Board of the PZZW works closely with employers’ organizations, industry associations and the media. The purpose of this cooperation is to draw attention to the need to verify many existing legal provisions that make it difficult, inter alia, conducting debt collection activities in Poland, as well as participating in the preparation of draft normative acts related to the industry. The organization’s authorities also endeavor to disseminate knowledge in the field of broadly understood debt management activities.

Since 2008, the Polish Credit Management Association has been a member of FENCA. Participation in the Federation of European National Collection Associations enables the exchange of experiences with partner industry organizations operating in Europe.