Cezary Wojtczak, Moderator of the Conference

Trained as a journalist and manager. An expert in the field of broadly understood communication. He works as a business coach and PR specialist. Author of the innovative training project "Mistrzowskie wystąpienia publiczne" (Master of Public Speaking), in which he uses coaching and mentoring. He advises on developing managerial competences and building the image of an organization. He is one of the most experienced trainers of the art of presentation and public speaking in Poland.
In 2014-2016 President of the Board and Editor-in-Chief of the Polish Radio Pomerania and Kujawy. Member of the Program Council of the Polish Television. Lecturer at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. Holds a TVP Screen Card and a Polish Radio Microphone Card. He is the President of the Management Board of the Foundation for Supporting Innovation in Local Self-governments. Currently, he works as a managing director in a production company.
As a mentor and supervisor, he has educated several dozen business trainers, who successfully implement training projects in Polish companies and foreign corporations. At work, he is characterized by effectiveness, relativity and high personal culture.
My motto is credibility. To achieve this you need to be maximally involved in your work. You should also be able to listen and be open to other people and new experiences. I am characterized by determination, independence and optimism. I am an advocate of a proactive attitude to life, positive attitude and motivation to action. - Cezary Wojtczak

Adam Abramowicz, SME Ombudsman

Adam Krzysztof Abramowicz - appointed as the Ombudsman for Small and Medium Enterprises on June 22, 2018. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mining Organization of Lublin University of Technology and completed postgraduate studies in water, wastewater and waste technology at the Faculty of Sanitary Engineering of Wrocław University of Technology. He has successfully run his own business. He was one of the main initiators and the Chairman of the Board of the "Nasze Sklepy" Retailers Network, which was established to protect small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. He was also one of the founders and long-standing president of the Chamber of Commerce New Entrepreneurship in Biala Podlaska. His active business activity resulted in his membership in the Council of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. He was a councillor of the Biała Podlaska City Council and an active local government activist. Member of the Sejm of the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th term. Using the experience gained in entrepreneurship, he was a member of the Parliamentary Commission on Economy and Development of the Sejm (formerly the Commission on Economy) and the Parliamentary Group for Support of Entrepreneurs Injured in Employee Outsourcing by the State Administration of the Republic of Poland, as well as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Support of Entrepreneurship and Economic Patriotism. Following his appointment as SME Envoy, he left the Law and Justice party and resigned from his parliamentary seat.

Dr Andreas Bücker, Director General of Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA)

Andreas Bücker holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge (2001) and is Managing Director of Politicomm, specializing in political communication with EU institutions, and in developing and implementing EU-funded projects for companies and federations. From 2001 to 2006 Andreas was Head of Sales and Marketing at Spiral Software Ltd (UK), managing the client relations with major oil companies worldwide. After a one-year sabbatical as Senior Research Fellow at the University of Copenhagen in 2007, Andreas was responsible for politics and communications at the German Association for Executives (VAA) before founding Politicomm in 2010. Lobbying efforts include the successful political communication to European Commission and European Parliament regarding GDPR, Covered Bond Directive, and NPL Directive, among others. He has successfully implemented EU projects on cross-border claims management, data protection, and demographic change. Andreas is Director General of FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Associations), CEO of DIA (German Academy for Credit Management), and Director General of the EAA (European AVM Alliance).

Eryk Ciborski, MGBI Sp. z o. o.

Professionally connected with MGBI, a technology company operating in the business intelligence industry providing data for marketing, sales and debt collection departments. At work he works as a data analyst, and outside of that also as a student of Big Data Management at the University of Warsaw. In his free time he is interested in Middle East and Arabic culture.

Shaun Duncan, TCM Group International 

Shaun has been involved in the credit and debt recovery industry for over 40 years. He commenced his career in the banking industry in Johannesburg, South Africa before moving into the debt collection industry. Whilst in the bank he managed many different lending portfolio which included the full spectrum of credit i.e. manage the occasional delinquent client. He left the bank in 1996 to join a debt collection company that happened to be one of his banking clients. 

In 2003 Shaun joined the TCM Group as the shareholder for South Africa and in 2005 he headed up a management buy out of the partners in the debt collection company and expanded this business into having multiple offices in all the major cities throughout South Africa as well as offices in Gaborone - Botswana, Windhoek - Namibia and Mbabane - Swaziland. In 2008 Shaun sold this business to one of the largest banking institution in South Africa and 6 months thereafter was asked by a previous client of his to consider going into partnership with the client to set up a debt collection company with them to focus mainly on their delinquent and written off debts. This company was established in 2009 and he re-joined the TCM Group in 2010 as the shareholder for South Africa. In 2016 Shaun was appointed as managing director of the TCM Group and in 2018 decided to relocate to the UK. He sold his share in the collection company and arrived in the UK in March 2019 and is now focusing solely on the TCM Group.     

Jarosław Grygiel, Credstep Poland Sp. z o.o.

Plenipotentiary of Savelend Credit Group AB Swedish capital group for Poland and Country Manager of Credstep Poland and Billecta Finance companies, offering modern financing in the formula of online factoring, loans for SMEs and high-minority programmes of providing funds for financial institutions, including debt collection companies. Lawyer, MBA and postgraduate studies in compliance & corporate governance, taxation, audit and internal control. Speaker, author of publications on finance, coach and advisor in the field of debt collection. A long-time employee of the banking sector, currently developing from scratch the activities of a new player on the Polish market of B2B finance.

Konrad Jakubiec, Mindbox SA 

Konrad Jakubiec has been developing business and product lines related to business process automation for years. Currently, he is responsible for the development of the Intelligent Process Automation business line at Mindbox, where, by combining technologies from the areas of robotics, OCR, ML and solutions compatible with ERP systems, installations are created that comprehensively automate processes and improve the functioning of support departments, such as finance, accounting, logistics, customer service support, etc.
Before joining Mindbox, he was closely involved in the RPA and automation industry as a co-founder and board member of Digital Teammates, where he co-created an innovative business model allowing for complete outsourcing of automation. Konrad has extensive experience in developing and funding innovative technology businesses, both from a startup and VC fund perspective. Previously he was co-creator of mBank strategy and worked in areas of investment, risk management and corporate banking at mBank.
Konrad actively shares his knowledge and experience also in the educational sphere - he is one of the founders of a new course: Automation of Business Processes at the Faculty of Management of the University of Lodz - it is the first such undergraduate course in Poland. Konrad is also a member of program board of Intelligent Technology Mixer Center.

Katarzyna Kreczmańska-Gigol, PhD, DSc, Vice President, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Has experience in the area of finance, planning, budgeting, debt management and financial reporting. In 2016-2018 was associated with Poczta Polska S.A., where she was the managing director of the Finance Division and the director of the Tax Office. A long-term employee of the banking sector in the area of corporate banking. Supporting member of the Association of Polish Corporate Treasurers. For years has been combining practice in business with science. Professor at the Institute of Finance of the Warsaw School of Economics.
An expert in the field of financial liquidity, sources of financing, factoring and debt collection. Author and co-author of over one hundred scientific and business publications in the field of corporate finance and banking. Among others, the monographs: "Analysis of the company's financial liquidity", "Fundamentals of financing a joint-stock company", "Corporate Treasurer", "Financial liquidity. Essence, measurement, management", "Amicable and compulsory debt collection. Process, market, valuation of receivables", "Finances of a joint-stock company ", "Debt collection - an interdisciplinary approach", "Active management of the company's financial liquidity", "Factoring in civil, tax and balance sheet law", as well as "Bank and leasing", "Profitability of a bank's lending activity", "Basics of creating a bank's financial plan".

Violetta Małek, Gekko advisoryNOW

Prior to founding Gekko advisoryNOW, she was a consulting director and leader in modern services sector advisory at KPMG. She was CEO at McCormick where she built the Shared Service Center for Europe, Far East and Africa. Previously, she was CFO at PwC and a board member at Avon Cosmetics, Avon Operations, Avon EMEA FSC, TNT Express and Abbot Laboratories (Poland and England). He specializes in areas such as: operational models (design, building, implementation, optimization, automation and robotization), financial management with the use of the latest technological solutions, corporate performance management, cost management, value management, operational and strategic restructuring, optimization of business and operational processes with particular emphasis on the possibility of digitization.

Speaker at many national and international conferences and financial seminars. Author of a number of publications on financial management and transformation in specialized Polish and foreign periodicals (including Business Services Magazine, Outsourcing&more, C-SuiteNEWs, Gazeta Finansowa, Parkiet, ITWIZ, Finanse i Controlling, CFO Bulletin, KPMG Turning Point). She holds an EMBA diploma from the Warsaw University of Technology Business School. She holds a degree in Organization and Management from the University of Lodz and a Master's degree in Financial Management from the Warsaw School of Management.

Piotr Masiukiewicz, PhD, DSc, Chairman of the Board of The Main Praxeology Scientific Society

Long-standing professor at the Warsaw School of Economics, bank sanitation specialist (former chairman or member of boards of trustees). Academic interests: enterprise value management, crisis management, financial analysis, enterprise and bank restructuring, Islamic banking. Author of about 350 publications (including English-language publications in 20 countries), 36 research papers, over 100 reviews and several expert opinions. Head of postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. Positions held: former advisor to Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers L. Balcerowicz; Chairman and Deputy Chairman of banks in 1991-2004 (including the founder and Chairman of Mazowiecki Bank Regionalny SA), former Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Council of Orgmash Institute, Chairman of the Scientific Council of semi-annual journal "Praxeology and Management", former Editor-in-Chief of monthly journal "Business Economics and Organization", former member of the International Advisory Board of monograph series - Praxiology: The International Annual (USA), member of the International Chamber of Commerce Paris/B. Poland, member of the Supervisory Board of System Ochrony Zrzeszenia Banku Polskiej Spółdzielczości, President of ZG Scientific Society of Praxeology.

Krzysztof Matela, PhD, Cadis

Outstanding manager. Charismatic leader. An excellent strategist. Guru of influence and debt recovery. Psychologist and sociologist. Lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics. For 20 years has been developing modern and very effective processes of building the company's value and managing people. He bought, sold and listed his companies on the stock exchange. An expert in building competitive advantages for companies. Communication specialist. He has a phenomenally creative mind, thanks to which he designed and implemented unique technologies and services. Knows the Star Wars dialogues by heart, crazy about cars, drives a Harley Davidson and a 1968 Ford Mustang GT. Trained in Krav Maga.

Prof. Elżbieta Mączyńska, Polish Economic Society

Professor of Economics, associated with the Warsaw School of Economics; organizer and manager of Postgraduate Real Estate Valuation Studies at WSE. Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Presidium of the "Poland 2000 Plus" Forecasting Committee, and the Economic Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. President of the Polish Economic Society. A specialist in the field of economics, including economic analysis, finance and valuation of enterprises, economic systems and strategies for socio-economic development. Author of about 300 publications in this field. A creator of bankruptcy prediction models.

Dominika Ramirez-Wołkiewicz, Arena Tax

Dominika has 20 years of experience in legal and tax advisory. She is an expert in taxation of business entities. She has extensive experience in comprehensive tax support for entities in the financial sector, her main area of professional work was taxation of the activities of financial institutions, in particular leasing companies, banks, insurance companies, loan companies and debt collection companies. Moreover, Dominika provides services also to entities from other industries, e.g. new technologies and FMCG. Dominika provides advisory services within the scope of tax relief implementation, tax planning projects, restructuring of companies within capital groups, including those with foreign participation. She conducts numerous tax reviews (covering CIT, VAT, PCC, PIT payer obligations, general and thematic), participates in numerous due diligence projects, supports clients during tax and court proceedings. She conducts and co-presents numerous trainings and conferences on tax issues.

Dominika has been associated with Arena Tax since 2014. Her previous professional experience was gained, among others, in an international law and audit firm, from 2004 to 2014 she worked in the tax advisory department of Deloitte. Dominika graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

Waldemar Rogowski, PhD, DSc, Biuro Informacji Kredytowej S.A.

Waldemar Rogowski - Doctor of Economics in the discipline of Finance, Professor at the Institute of Corporate and Investment Finance, Warsaw School of Economics. Deputy Director of the Institute of Corporate and Investment Finance, Head of the Risk Management Department. For many years an economic practitioner - Director of the Risk and Corporate Clients Departments of leading financial institutions. Currently Chief Analyst at the Credit Information Bureau. For
United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO Expert and World Bank consultant,
Author or co-author of more than 130 monographs and articles published in renowned Polish and English-language periodicals in the field of corporate finance. Specializes in corporate finance, including in particular investment efficiency calculus and company valuation, financial analysis, bankruptcy risk prediction, CSR and SRI, and risk management. He teaches both undergraduate, master's and doctoral courses as well as over 10 postgraduate programs organized by SGH. Lecturer in MBA programs: MBA SGH, MBA SGA-WUM, EMBA INE PAN, EMBA Bialystok University of Technology. Visitor Professor at the Faculty of Law, Jagiellonian University. Corporate finance trainer at courses, trainings and workshops for financial institutions and enterprises - permanently cooperates with eForum Banking and Finance training company. Two-time winner of the prestigious student award granted annually by the students of the Warsaw School of Economics - Inspiration of the Year.

Marcin Rutecki, Business Intelligence Club

Has competences in three areas: marketing and sales (with an emphasis on online), finance, and strategic and operational management. Focuses on hard performance, risk (identification, assessment, management) and profit.
Associated with Infron - an online sales engineering organization that is a partner for online business expansion.
Long-standing experience in both B2B and B2C, products and services, domestic and foreign markets, companies operating in the field of e-commerce and beyond, and very different industries. 13+ years of experience in negotiations and sales; 8+ years in operational management; 5+ years in marketing; 5+ years in finance.
A graduate (the best student) of the MBA for Financiers at the Kozminski University. He also won the title of top LinkedIn voice in Poland in 2018 and 2019 (SeeWidely).

Alicja Sierakowska, Bank Pocztowy S.A.

Graduate of the University of Economics in Katowice, where she also completed postgraduate studies on the operation of universal banks.  MBA graduate of the Fryderyk Skarbek School of International Trade and Finance in Warsaw. Associated with the financial market for over 17 years. She gained her managerial experience among others in KBC Consumer Finance Group and BZ WBK. Recently associated with Bank Pocztowy, where she held managerial positions of Head of Institutional Customer Department and Head of Corporate Products Department. Currently Head of Institutional Banking, responsible for product development, sales as well as streamlining and optimization of processes dedicated to clients from the micro, small and medium enterprises sector, housing communities and agribusiness. For the last year, on behalf of the Bank, she was responsible for the implementation of solutions dedicated to the Bank's corporate clients, helping to minimize the impact of the pandemic on their business.

Claus Spedtsberg, Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA)

Claus holds a MSc degree in Business, Language and Culture from the University of Southern Denmark. Claus is the owner of Danske Inkasso in Denmark and Intecredo Inkasso in Germany and has more than 14 years of experience in the debt collection industry. Claus is the President of the Danish Debt-collection Association (DIB). Claus is also the President of the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA), which represents the interests of the European credit management, debt collection and debt purchase sector on the European level, coordinating the exchange with the institutions of the European Union, stakeholders in the European financial services industry, consumer groups and the European public. 

Piotr Staszkiewicz, PhD, DSc, Warsaw School of Economics

Certified Auditor, Professor at the Institute of Corporate and Investment Finance at the Warsaw School of Economics. In the past, an employee of Ernst and Young, the Supreme Audit Office and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. He lectured at City University in Slovakia, Fudan University in China and Collegium Civitas in Warsaw.

In 2001 he obtained a license to practice as an auditor in Great Britain, issued by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. In 2002 he passed actuarial examinations before the Úrad pre finančný trh in Slovakia). Since 2003 he has been a member of the Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors and a statutory auditor. He passed the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) examinations in the United States in 2008 and the Security Exchange Commission in this country in 2011. He is a European Commission expert (on its behalf he was, among others, a member of missions in Lebanon and Ukraine). As a lecturer, he participated in an international expert program on capital market development (Cairo, Egypt). In 2015, he held an internship at RMIT Melbourne, Australia. He was also the scientific coordinator of SAIL 2019 - STS Frederic Chopin. From 2009 to 2012 he was appointed by the Minister of Finance as a member of the Examination Board for candidates for chartered accountants.

He has authored and co-authored books and numerous articles published in such journals as: "Managerial Auditing Journal", "European Journal of Law and Economics", reviewer and associate editor of international journals, and reviewer of research projects. Currently at the Warsaw School of Economics he teaches the following courses: Auditing, Financial Markets, European Banking System and Advanced Financial Accounting. Privately he is passionate about hiking.

Agnieszka Szalast, WEC Finanse Sp. z o.o.

Economist by education, for over 12 years professionally active in the financial industry. For 10 years she has been involved in the Akademia WEC project providing companies with solutions for auditing debt collection processes and training debt collection departments. Author of articles on risk and receivables management published in such magazines as : Gazeta Finansowa, Gazeta Prawna.  Her interests are directed towards innovative solutions in company and receivables management.

Wojciech Świder, PhD, Poznań University of Economics

Research and didactic employee in the Department of Public Finance at the Poznań University of Economics.
In 2015 he obtained a securities broker's license with authorization to perform investment advisory activities. In 2019 he defended his doctoral dissertation entitled. "The effect of continuation and reversal of returns and selected calendar anomalies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 1995-2017". Author of 11 scientific articles and over 50 popular science and journalistic articles published in print. Main scientific interests: financial markets, monetary policy.
Individual investor for 9 years. Author of a blog on facebook: Wojciech Świder - economics, investments https://www.facebook.com/WojciechSwiderVlog

Jefferson Frauches Viana, WAY Back, Brazil

President of Way Back - Brazilian Debt Collection Agency founded in 1991, with expertise on B2B, B2C and International accounts. 

Elected in 2019 member of the Board of Directors of the TCM Group International, Jefferson´s challenge is to develop business across the American continent and actively contribute to the decisions and growth of the TCM Group worldwide. Jefferson also was elected in 2015 as Executive of the year on the Brazilian C&C Industry. He held the positions as President and Director of IGEOC - Management and Excellence Debt Collection Institute - the main influencing association in this niche market. Also founder member of LATINCOB - Latin American Debt  Collection Association. With more than 30 years working in the C&C industry, Jefferson work for clients from several segments in Brazil and abroad, with a relentless desire and concern to increasingly transform this market into a reference of best practices in Brazil and in the world. Jefferson holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and Mathematics from São Judas Tadeu College.

Konrad Zając, Office of Legal Adviser Mateusz Chmielnicki

A lawyer specializing in enforcement proceedings, restructuring and bankruptcy law. He has 10 years of experience gained in international corporations specializing in factoring, insurance and debt recovery. He managed the enforcement department of a law firm, was responsible for more than 2000 enforcement proceedings and enforced multimillion receivables for key players on the Polish and foreign economic market. The variety of conducted enforcement proceedings allowed him to gain professional knowledge and unconventional strategies, which resulted in the immediate recovery of debts and customer satisfaction. An advocate of modern technologies in business. Co-conductor of nationwide trainings on restructuring and bankruptcy law for companies.

Piotr Ziółkowski,  MonPay SA

For 20 years associated with the telecommunications and IT industry. Specialist in business analysis, design and implementation of IT systems and construction of fiber optic networks. An enthusiast of eastern martial arts, a holder of a Wing Tsun training certificate.